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Introducing the Most Efficient Tankless Water Heater‚ EVER!

Posted on November 26, 2012

The most efficient tankless water heater has made it's debut! At 94% energy efficient, the Paloma PHH-32 Condensing tankless water heater is approved for the 2011 Federal Tax Credit.


What is Condensing Technology?

The heat of flue gases is captured and re-used to heat water, wasting less heat and energy than a conventional tankless water heater, resulting in higher efficiency. Additionally, a conventional gas tankless water heater has just one heat exchanger, while the Paloma condensing model features a copper and stainless steel heat exchanger which hot flue gasses pass through, transferring heat to the surrounding water. They are also the most environmentally friendly water heating system available, with fewer CO2 and NOx emissions compared to other tankless water heaters.

No need to dish out extra money on stainless steel venting (as you would with a regular tankless water heater). Instead, Paloma PHH units are vented with PVC pipe.

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