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Excluding HI, AK & Canada, and products marked Special Handling. Free Shipping on qualified orders over $599!
Excluding HI, AK & Canada, and products marked Special Handling. Free Shipping on qualified orders over $599!


What our customers are saying about us:

Janurary 18, 2012: Just wanted to touch base and let you know how much of a difference this unit [PH-28CDVSP] has made in our electric bill. In October we used 1,486 KWH of electric and this was typical for us. We installed the unit on 11/17/2011 and for the month of November we dropped to 1,062 KWH. For the month of December we completed the month at 893 KWH and this month (January) we are on track to use only 913 KWH -- probably a little less, but we have been using the dryer a lot so our average is a little high for the past few days. So, this unit is saving us an average of 583 KWH per month, which is about $99.00 per month. Also, to let you know we are running the unit off of one our our 100lb propane tanks, which had about 20 gallons of propane in it when we installed the Paloma tankless water heater. It has been running on it for two months without switching over to our other tank. That means it has not even used 20 gallons of propane in 2 months of use. We are estimating $15 dollars a month to run it on propane, which is great! Our total net savings is $84.00 per month; $1,008 per year! It is great! Thank you so very much! Justin J.

February 8, 2011: I ordered an instant water heater and venting. They called and noticed I didn't order a necessary adapter for the installation. Really appreciated them noticing and avoiding me discovering it later, having to order it seperately and delay the installation. Nice product, good price, fast shipping and excellent customer service. Made me feel warm & fuzzy! James C.

September 27, 2010: This is my fourth tankless from you guys and [I] have sent numerous friends your way. Good company. Kendall H.

May 20, 2010: I wish to inform you that on Monday May 17th. I received the Tempra 15 Plus water heater directly from Stiebel Eltron. Exactly one week to the day you called me to let me know you were temporarily out of stock. I want to thank you for giving me the "Heads-up", and for making the arrangements so that I could receive the merchandise in a timely fashion. I'm very pleased with the heater (which I have already installed), but I am most impressed by your diligence. You did not leave me hanging out there wondering what was going on. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Carlos C.

October 23, 2009: Thank you so much for having two great employees who bent over backwards to help me get my carpet cleaning service back up and running. It was a real pleasure to have two people who walked me through my problems!!! Dan

May 15, 2009: I was very impressed with Low Energy Systems’ (LES) service and response to my order which was shipped to the US Territory of Guam. Even though Guam is serviced by the USPS (priority mail), there are a number of US mainland companies that can't quite grasp the ease of sending merchandise here. No such problem with LES. They were great! Bruce J.

April 3, 2009: They have excellent prices and customer service. I had a question before I purchased the tankless heater and one after the purchase. Both times customer service was competent and friendly. They even called again after leaving me a message to make sure they addressed my question. Marc C.

February 15, 2009 This is my second purchase of a tankless water heater. Great supplier. Anonymous

October 3, 2008: Thank you for the great service! I appreciate it very much. We hope to have it hooked up and running by the weekend. Aloha! Jim P.

October 4, 2008: Thanks for your time and trouble. You must get hundreds of these "operator headspace"/user-error questions, but we appreciate your help. Thanks again also, for carrying the parts and talking to me about the rebuild-kit I ordered previously. I'll be sure and mention you folks on the web as the only place to go for sales/service on efficient heaters. Emmanuel K.

July 1, 2008: Web site order handled perfectly. Price was great, unit showed up in perfect condition. Plumber was surprised at how small the unit was compared to other tankless systems he's installed. Anonymous

June 23, 2008: I compliment you on the most simple, outstanding website I have ever seen or used. I love the pictures of each item shown in the cart. Anonymous

May 14, 2008: Had just the products that I wanted at a fair price. Website was very intuitive, ordering was VERY easy, and shipping was prompt. Products arrived packed well, and in good shape. George M.

February 12, 2008: The vendors shipping department accidentally shipped the wrong item to me, and they contacted me ahead of time to let me know that I might be receiving the wrong item. When it arrived (and was the wrong item), they promptly sent a replacement and a UPS call tag to pick up the incorrect item. I couldn’t ask for better customer service than that! Kevin F.

January 10, 2007: I finished installing my new water heater over the weekend. I couldn't be happier with the heater, the venting, and the prompt service I received from your company. Thanks so much, Steve S.

September 4, 2005: I recently purchased the Waiwela PH28ROF residential outdoor tankless water heater, to replace an outdated system. Shipping was fast and dependable, communications and personality was exemplary and the unit speaks for itself. Very easy to install for an experienced amateur. This unit rapidly responds to hot water demand and operates whisper quiet. It's amazing how this remarkably small unit instantly meets all household hot water demands. With rapidly rising gas prices, there's no need to maintain a tank of hot water and take up valuable space. The Waiwela is there, only when you need it. I give this unit the highest rating possible. Glen Pitts.

June 24, 2005: I want to share my good news about our new Takagi T-K1. It was installed on May 20, 2005 and we have just received our first PG&E utility bill which was read on June 20,2005 for the first month of use of our Takagi tankless gas water heater. First, we have had one successful month 24/7 of 120 degrees of hot water. This water heater has out performed all previous electric water heaters we have ever used before. Second, according to our utility bill from PGE: "Based on our most recent records, your ADU(average daily use) from June 1, 2004, to September 30,2004 is 55.86 Kwh per day and your current cumulative ADU is 45.88. Since the beginning of the program 20/20 (summer rebate program), you have decreased you ADU by 21%." That means that since installing the Takagi gas water heater our electricity use reduced 21% compared to the same month one year ago. That calculates to 466 Kwh less which costs .12 cents a Kwh in California and has reduced our electric cost by $56 this first month of use of the tankless gas water heater. We were using electric tankless water heaters previously and they all failed to perform well and cost a lot of money to use. Thirdly, the cost of gas used by our new water heater was just $8.00 this first month. We have enjoyed continuous 120 degrees of hot water in the shower and the kitchen every time we turn on the hot water faucet. The Takagi T-K1 gas water heater has outperformed all other tankless electric water heaters we previously used over the last 25 years, and it costs much less money to use with gas as the heating fuel. The lower cost of gas compared to electricity used as the heating source for the water heater will pay for the heater in one year. Thank you very much for all your advice and such a great product. Sally Dietz

April 11, 2005: It was very easy to do business with Low Energy Systems. Their web site was complete and easy to navigate. I will not hesitate to use them again. Douglas Postma

April 4, 2005: Very helpful in getting the right people to review my application. William Thompson

March 9, 2005: I would definitely do business with them again. Mary Thompson

January 24, 2005: I ordered a Waiwela tankless water heater from Low Energy Systems after researching various alternatives. I had no problem with the order and it was received as scheduled. Low Energy Systems kept me informed via email on the progress of my order. I had occasion to call technical assistance regarding some optional equipment and my question was answered promptly and politely with an invitation to call back if I had any more questions. Overall, I would say it was a very comfortable experience and I would not hesitate to recommend them. Malcolm Wehrung

January 19, 2005: Amazingly efficient service! GREAT product! Jon Rivers

November 6, 2004: I purchased a tankless water heater via the net and as this was my second water heater purchase from Low Energy Systems, I expected and received great service. The unit was shipped the next business day and as before arrived in perfect condition. The unit has been installed and like the prior purchase, works just fine. I would recommend anyone needing this product to contact Low Energy Systems and enjoy a pleasant experience. William Gibson

October 20, 2004: I purchased a tankless water heater from Low Energy Systems. The customer service representative was quite helpful and polite. When I ordered the heater, I received a confirmation email and received my unit in good condition and on time. I was pleased with the overall service given to me and will be quite willing to do business with this merchant again. Kay Avery

September 30, 2004: The Low Energy Systems web site was well-designed and I found my products easily in the menu structure. Their prices were very competitive and in some cases lower than other merchants. Shipping options offer enough variety and price comparisons so that I could easily decide if I'm in a hurry (FedEx overnight) for the product, or if I should wait for slower delivery (UPS Ground). Delivery was right on time. Ease of purchase was very good. Nice shopping cart, easily updates quantities and checkout was secure and efficient. The questions I emailed to the vendor received a quick and satisfactory response. This company has all the elements in place for effective Internet sales, and I wish them success. Chris Kreymann

September 8, 2004:  I spoke with Bob and he could have sold me parts I did not need but he told me not to purchase some very expensive installation parts that they were not needed. Also I ordered on a Wednesday and he said it would arrive on Friday the same week. I was very pleased with every thing and the advice given about installation. Carol Lee Smith

August 11, 2004:  Absolutely excellent service - shipped to UK in 3 days!!!!!!!! Many thanks. Mark Lindley

July 31 2004: Nice to meet people that are on top of their game. A very good company. Gregory Ingenito

July 16, 2004: Thank you for your extremely prompt attention to my order. Unit was exactly what was described and replaced the existing unit as required. Unit arrived the morning of the next day as promised. We had hot water within 24 hours from the placing of my order. That is excellent customer service. Congratulations to your stall on a deal well executed!!!! Very truly yours, Kenneth C. Dollmann

July 2, 2004: Very fast shipping. All items arrived at the same time and in good condition. I'd gladly do business with them again and recommend the company to others. Michael Lepisto

June 11, 2004:  Excellent, Easily found needed info, Check out was simple and delivery was on time. Over all an Excellent experience. Mike Bandy

May 12, 2004:  I found this vendor via a google search; they had the item I wanted several hundred $ cheaper than I could get it locally. Real people answer the phones! and they know their products. Alice Wilder

April 30, 2004:   Not only did they do everything that was expected of a merchant, they were prompt, very helpful, and with free shipping and handling their prices were the lowest I could find anywhere, including brick and mortar stores. An excellent retailer. Eric Willey

March 30, 2004: Really impressed with the quick service! Will definitely look to purchase from Low Energy Systems in the future. Highly recommend! Gary Hodges

March 14, 2004: Great product at an excellent price. Wide selection of accessories available at very reasonable prices. Service was better than excellent. True one stop shopping for tankless water heaters. Robert Stirn

February 27, 2004: Bought tankless water heater from Low Energy Systems on net. Excellent price and shipped when they said. Got E-mail confirm right away. Very happy. Alan Jacobson

February 15, 2004:  Extremely responsive, shipped right away, got exactly what I ordered. John Kleinke

February 9, 2004: Very happy -- have recommended highly to other interested folks. Thanks! Bonnie Martin

January 23, 2004:  I highly recommend Low Energy Systems. They were very easy to contact with questions I had before ordering, and my purchase was shipped the same day I ordered it. Thank You for the great service. Brian Rexford

January 20, 2004: I found their web site very informative and easy to navigate through. Merchandise was delivered in a timely fashion as promised. I'm sure if I have any trouble what so ever, the staff will be able to help guide me through it. Chester Jennings

January 16, 2004:  The salesperson I spoke to by telephone was very knowledgeable and helpful. The company appears to be well run. Gregory Ray

December 22, 2003:  Ordered merchandise in the morning. Asked merchant to contact me as soon as they received confirmation of order. Merchant contacted me 3 hours later. Saved 200 dollars by ordering online. Received merchandise in two days. Installed equipment in 1 hour and 45 minutes. This is by far the simplest and best designed Tankless water heater on the market. Unit is working great. Old Paloma unit lasted 17 Years All this right before Christmas. All I can say is Great Job Low Energy Systems. Helmut Menking

October 24, 2003:  Two years ago I replaced two 40 gallon water heaters with a tankless water heater. The installation was a snap and I'm happy to report that the unit has performed flawlessly from day one. Our house has three bathrooms with a spa tub in the master and the tankless water heaters has had no problems keeping up with our hot water demands. Recently I emailed Technical Support with a question regarding maintenance and received an immediate no-charge response. Turns out if I had spent a bit more time reading the installation manual I could have answered it myself. Go tankless! Marty Bradley

August 21, 2003:  They were very prompt and courteous. They sent our order as soon as they got it in stock and called us to let us know it had been shipped. We saved over $200 by buying it and paying the shipping from Low Energy Systems rather than buying it in Anchorage and shipping it to Eagle. We were completely satisfied. Ann Millard

August 17, 2003:  Just wanted to bring you an update on my tankless water heater that I purchased from you in 2001 for my new house. It has now been almost a year and a half since I moved in and began using the water heater. It has performed perfectly with no problems. Since I moved in I have gotten married so now there are two of us using it as well as more laundry and other uses. No problems with water or the amount we need. The only thing that I have had to add is a battery backup unit because the power company that we have is very unreliable and the electric goes off at least 3 times a week for no apparent reason. We are also very happy with the gas unit as our electric bills run between $50.00 and $70.00 a month. Which is great here in Florida with the air conditioning running 24 hours a day. As you can tell we are very happy with the tankless water heater and will never have another type of water heater. Paul Hilliard

August 13, 2003:  The WEB site was accurate... Tracking number was supplied promptly. Product arrived a day early and in good working order... I could not ask for more. Paul Gordon Feaster

July 28, 2003:  The lady that helped me with my order made shopping with your company much easier, the order was a breeze. Bill Kinney

July 8, 2003:  The only concern I had was the need for the company to verify my billing address with the credit card details I provided. This caused a minor delay but was easily resolved. This is the first instance I have experienced of an overseas supplier having to do so. It may be a unique requirement for the state the company is in? All up however, I am very pleased with the assistance they provided and the timely manner in which they dispatched the product. Bernadette Hedger, Australia

July 1, 2003:  Everything went as planned. Delivery was on time. Installation was easy. Instructions were complete. Evan MacLeod

June 27, 2003: Low Energy Systems had people "on call" to answer my questions. I found them to be courteous and helpful. They shipped promptly. Sarah Collins

June 17, 2003: No hassle, fast shipping, product was received in excellent shape. Top Notch. Myron J. Bluy

June 3, 2003: The order was confirmed quickly, and arrived AMAZINGLY fast. The water heater was exactly as described, and since I could not find one in the home improvement stores, I was very happy to be able to order one from Low Energy Systems, and get great service to boot. Shannon Showalter

April 28, 2003: Called to verify order before I even finished my session on the computer. Very prompt and courteous. Carl Mortensen

April 20, 2003:  Great info on shipping ETA and tracking number. Great price on items. Recommend 100%. David Ponce

March 23, 2003:  I was very pleased with the water heater, and the shipping was very timely as they promised. David Stokes

March 23, 2003:  I received my package within a couple of days, even though I chose UPS ground. Also, I researched several places online and had somebody come to my house with a quote... these guys had the best price by far!!! About $300-$500 cheaper than the dude who came to my house!!! Lee Huffman

February 10, 2003:  Tech support was great. They answered all my questions. All my orders have come in on time and complete. Everything works like they said it would. I placed an order using the on-line system and one order over the phone. Both methods were fast and easy. My new water heater is pumping out HOT water and I'm a happy camper. Ben Speirs

December 22, 2002:   Smooooth transaction. After long search, they had the best prices for first quality products. They double checked by phone to insure the order placed with YOUR credit card was placed by YOU. Kim Doxey

May 3, 2002: My order was shipped the same day; I received it EARLIER than I'd scheduled for (and that's definitely a first on this remodel). I got exactly what I ordered, in perfect condition, at a reasonable price. I'm tickled pink with low energy systems. Michael Miller

March 19, 2002:  I've just returned from a customer's new site with one of your water heaters installed. Instead of calling the general contractor for warranty work our customer called us as we do all of there plumbing, sewer, and drain service work... After one look at the Paloma and remembering that I haven't been actively in the field for years, I was way over my head. So a quick call back to our home base and out from the "bat cave" came our water heater trouble shooter Bill Martin. Bill has been in contact with your company in the past so I knew we had the right man for the job. We wouldn't trade Billy for any one or even two people when it comes to troubleshooting. Nobody can touch Billy. Once Bill arrived he went right to the problem. Seems some flux got up in what Billy called the diaphragm. As Bill disassembled the heater I got to get a peek of the inside of your product. That's when I said WOW and couldn't wait to back to the office and give you all a quick note. Just the space your product saves is reason enough to look into your product. I truly believe that our customer is very intelligent indeed to be installing your product. And we as a company are proud to be able to service them when the need arrives. I've gotten interrupted so now I must go. Your product is a winner with us. Thank you for your time, Jeff Morgan, Morgan/Miller Plumbing

January 11, 2002:  They very quickly answered an e-mail question which lead to the purchase of a water heater from them. The unit only cost about $15 to ship and arrived in 4 days. I will recommend them to everyone who is in the market for a new water heater. Neil Lawrence

December 9, 2001:  I cannot say enough about how they handled a special situation. UPS destroyed my original water heater and I had a schedule on a new house to maintain. Low Energy Systems sent me another one immediately 2nd day air. They have put me back on schedule. Thanks to them my house will be a model for possibly more systems in the area. I give them an A rating. Hilliard Paul

July 26, 2001: Great product and fast shipment. Had the product in less than a week. Also the company kept me informed when and how the product was shipped. William Holtmeyer

May 25, 2001:  We ordered a tankless water heater from you several months ago. We have finally installed it and I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the operation of the unit. Several days after it was operational my 15 year old daughter was admonishing my wife for having run a load of laundry and how now she could not take a shower as there would not be any hot water left. Well when I reminded her of our new heater and that we would never run out of hot water again she actually smiled. Thank you for your prompt service, excellent price, and high quality equipment. Mark Gillett P.S. My contractor was so impressed that he is planning to put one in his next house and I will of course recommend you as the supplier.

May 13, 2001: Ordered on Monday received Friday, pretty darn fast. Glenn Sugiura

May 2, 2001: We installed the tankless water heater and love it. Our bill went down $100 the first month. Thank you. Terri Whitney April 4, 2001 We call it in Spanish = "MARAVILLOSO, PERFECTO". They are a perfect, marvelous, serious Company. The Customer Services office, headed by Mr. Neil Green is what any buyer seeks when buying: real personal treatment...they really want to help. They are not for the sell; they are after gaining a customer for ever. AMERICA shall keep this way of doing business. Joaquin Vargas, Jr., M.D., Puerto Rico